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from £350
(50% deposit on booking)

Working with an interior designer can be a great experience, and an introductory package can provide solutions and boost your confidence. 


Overall, the package aims to introduce you to the interior design process, address your concerns, and provide you with the support and guidance needed to create a beautiful space.

In the introductory package, you will have a 90 minute consultation either at your home or through a video call. During this time, we will address any dilemmas you have with your home. The consultation can cover various topics such as:


  • Wall treatments: Wallpaper, paint colours or other decorative treatments.

  • Organisation and storage: If you're struggling with clutter or insufficient storage, I can provide advice and solutions to optimise your space and keep things organised. 

  • Furniture layout: I can offer guidance on arranging your furniture to maximise functionality and create an aesthetically pleasing layout. 

  • Creating a cohesive scheme: If you're looking to tie together different elements in your space, such as colour schemes and styles, I can provide ideas and suggestions on how to achieve a cohesive look.

  • Sourcing furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, and artwork: I can share recommendations and tips on where to find furniture, textiles, lighting fixtures, and artwork that suit your taste and budget.

After the consultation I will send you a report detailing everything we have discussed, plus tips for shopping and keeping your project on track. The goal is to boost your confidence and provide you with the necessary tools to tackle your home improvement project successfully.

*Travel expenses included within a 10 mile radius of Amberley Studio. Travel time and expenses will be priced individually over 10 miles.

Alix Stoney looking through wallpaper and fabric samples while sat at her desk.

Are you interested in booking a Personal Design Consultation?

Please call Alix Stoney on 07747 555879 to discuss your project requirements or use my contact form.

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