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Making your home the centre of your world

My role is to interpret your style and create unique, beautiful and functional interior design.


I relish new ideas and constantly seek inspiration from my surroundings, travel, friends, family. I never want to stop learning or creating and I love the handmade. Naturally drawn to art, design, architecture, interiors and craft, I’ve studied Design Crafts and Interior Design.


A decade working in the construction industry has provided me with a detailed understanding of the technical side of build and renovation. My interior design solutions take into account the practicalities of realising the vision. This helps to keep projects within budget and I am confident in instructing trades during project management.


My first major interior design project was to renovate a 1930’s family home. The fresh layout, new décor and exterior landscaping have transformed a tired building into our sanctuary.


With this experience under my belt, I followed my long-term aspiration; setting up my own Interior Design studio. I’ve had enquiries as small as designing interior colour schemes and lighting, to project managing the styling of new student accommodation and design implementation of two luxury show apartments.


I believe that every property can be enhanced by working with an interior designer. Let me help you to visualise a new colour scheme for a single room, or provide full project management services for a whole-house renovation.


Alix Stoney smiling into the camera holding a cup of coffee.

Call Alix Stoney on 07747 555879 or 


Let’s share ideas!

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