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Image of grass and ferns in the foregrond and te sea i te background. Colours take from the image. are displayed on the right.

Last summer we spent a rather gorgeous week staying at my cousin’s house in Wales. The weather was changeable, but that didn’t stop us exploring different walks, valleys, waterfalls, villages and estuaries. I haven’t been to Wales for some years and was not familiar with the countryside, but the scenery blew me away. 


My cousin’s house also had a spectacular view, we literally sat in a couple of very comfortable armchairs, put our feet up and gazed at the sea! While sitting in said armchairs my husband posed a question; if I had a house in Wales, how would I decorate it? Now there’s a question! 


I dream about having little houses in different parts of the world that we could visit for short breaks. I visualise how they could be decorated, taking inspiration from the surrounding environment.


I had no immediate answer for him, as we hadn’t long arrived, but, while we were walking some of the many footpaths of the Snowdonia National Park, I started taking in the scenery and snapping shots on my phone. We were surrounded by impressive textures and colours. (To be honest, taking a moment to stop and take some photos was a way of catching my breath too!)

Images from a Welsh holday displayed as a moodboard and colours displayed in the centre.


My photos motivated me to start a Pinterest board, imaginatively named ‘Welsh Home’. I was researching traditional crafts, local materials and interesting scenery; saving anything that caught my eye. This is the process I go through during design consultations: starting with an initial idea and exploring around the theme. The ideas and images combined to make up different moodboard concepts for possible interior designs. 


The schemes I created were simple, natural and rustic, but with a mid-century vibe. I have always had a soft spot for Welsh blankets and a trip to Melin Tregwynt was one of the highlights of our trip. I have to admit that a very gorgeous Vintage Star throw in slate came home with me, I just couldn’t resist!

The combination of traditional woven fabrics combined with mid-century furniture is an absolute winner in my book. My schemes also featured natural materials such as slate, stone, worn wood and lots of greenery. It’s all about natural elements: big skies, dramatic mountains, dry stone walls, slate steps, waterfalls, rain and lush green fields. 


I may never own a Welsh home, but thoroughly enjoyed the inspiration that that holiday offered.

An image of peeling paint on wood with a suggested colour scheme below.


Have you ever looked at your holiday photos and used them as a starting point of a scheme? We tend to have happy and relaxed associations with holidays, so I believe this is a great starting point for interior design that makes you feel good.


I am forever taking photos of interesting textures, shapes, surfaces, furniture, patterns, colours, but never really knowing what to do with them. Having enjoyed the process and results of creating moodboards in Wales, I know there are many more design concepts that I can create from previous holidays!


It just goes to show that with a little bit of imagination we can create beautiful home interiors, based on our holiday snaps…the possibilities are endless. 

An image of a Welsh sunset and a suggested colour scheme below.

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